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Benefits of Choosing a Small Accounting Firm

As far as accounting services go, one size does not fit all, because no company is the same. Each business possesses a vast range of requirements that need to be met. With this, one specific question arises: how can companies know whether a large or small accounting firm properly addresses its needs?

There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to working with both small and large accounting firms. The Big Four accounting firms possess brand recognition – there’s no denying that. These firms are larger, employ more individuals and work with some highly notable, Fortune 500 clients. But, this doesn’t mean that choosing a Big Four firm is always the best option for you or your business. In the realm of accounting services, smaller can often be better. There are three corresponding benefits of choosing a small accounting firm over a larger one.

They can be more personal.

It is common for large accounting firms to deal with a number of high-profile clients. Because of this, their teams are constantly growing. While it may seem ideal, the top dogs of the company usually will only work on the higher-profile projects. With this, you might only have a mix of junior and senior employees operating your account. When working with a smaller firm, this is usually not the case. Our partners dedicate a substantial amount of time to each account associated with our firm. Because of this, you can be sure that we are conducting the utmost quality of work.

Small accounting firms are much more accessible.

We already know that larger accounting firms have a higher volume of customers. One result of this is that it can be harder to reach your point of contact within that organization – especially during the busy tax season. At a smaller firm like Barsz Gowie Amon & Fultz, we are capable of addressing any pertinent questions, comments or concerns in a timely manner, and multiple times a year.

They often provide a higher value.

As we have already established above, smaller accounting firms offer a more personal experience while typically being more accessible. These two combined features, topped with an exceptional work ethic, can result in an overall higher value. While larger accounting firms may offer quality work, the other two important points are not as easy for them to attain.

Every company faces different accounting specifications and needs. Understanding that fulfilling these needs may require a different approach compared to another client is the bread and butter of small accounting firms. Whether that is through a highly personal experience, constant direct access or an increased value of services, small accounting firms are up to the task. We, at Barsz Gowie Amon & Fultz, know that making sure that your money is handled with the utmost care, respect and attention is the top priority when it comes to you and your business. We are here to assist all of your tax, auditing and business planning needs.

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